HobonichiDrawer Pouch Áne (Yellow)

      This pouch is like carrying an entire drawer with you wherever you go. Keep it on hand to easily access stationery whenever you need it, or use it on your desk to safely store your important items.

      The Drawer Pouch is a new partner to the Hobonichi Techo. It can store and organize your most important items in a single place, making it easy to carry with you anywhere you go. In addition to the existing Small Drawer Pouch and Large Drawer Pouch, the Drawer Pouch Áne is the newest style and opens accordion-style.

      This design is made with bright yellow cotton that's energizing just to have around. The interior is a light gray, and the zipper pull contains a looped strap for easy handling.

      The Drawer Pouch Áne (AH-nay, “older sister” in Japanese) is the size of a wallet and opens accordian-style. The Áne works great as a wallet for your cards and bank books, but it’s also perfect for storing other smaller items, such as writing accessories, tickets, and headphones. It even has enough room to store a Hobonichi Techo Weeks book.

      *Pictured: Black Drawer Pouch Áne

      Each side of the interior contains 6 card pockets as well as larger pockets, for tickets and other long items.

      The zipper pocket going down the center of the pouch is 9 cm (3.5 in) deep. This handy pocket is great for keeping not only pens and erasers, but also keys, pills, and other small items you want to keep extra-safe. There’s also a small bonus pocket on the outside for drivers licenses, insurance cards, or other important items.

      There’s also a pocket on the exterior of the Drawer Pouch Áne, for cell phones or other items you use frequently.

      While the drawer pouch has plenty of room to store belongings, the narrow gusset makes it easy to store in any bag.

      By keeping all your most important items in the Drawer Pouch Áne, you can keep your desktop and the inside of your bag free of clutter. It can serve in all kinds of roles, depending on what you do: A wallet, a stationery case, a place for your sewing tools, a travel pouch. With the Drawer Pouch Áne, you can keep your most important things handy at all times.

      Drawer Pouch Áne Usage Examples

      1. Store money, cards, cosmetics, and your techo. Being able to store your most important items in one portable case makes this a great wallet.

      2. Use the pouch as a cute clutch to store things you use when around town, like your smartphone, cosmetics, or notepads.

      3. All the different compartments make the Áne a great makeup bag. You can organize the items by size and shape.

      4. The pouch can serve as a very convenient travel bag. Store your passport, plane tickets, mileage cards, eye mask, ear plugs, chargers, and more.

      5. Keep all your stationery supplies in one place at home or in the office by filling it with your writing tools of choice. Toss the pouch in your bag and you can carry them anywhere, anytime.

      6. Keep your checkbooks, cards, IDs, and other financial documents in the pouch so you can have everything you need in one place when going to the bank.

      7. Filling the pouch with your medical supplies and keeping it around the house can be a great help in emergencies.

      8. Start a pouch for your medical records by storing consultation forms from the doctor, a thermometer, and your medicine. Keep your medical information and insurance cards on hand as well, so you know you’ve got everything you need when you go to the doctor.

      9. The pouch can be a handy carrying case for mothers and expectant mothers. Store maternity record books, medicine, medical records, and insurance cards. It also comfortably holds packets of wet towelettes and other must-have items.

      10. Use the pouch to store needles, thread, buttons, measuring tape, and other tools to make a handy sewing pouch. You can use the pouch to store any tools related to your hobbies for a convenient all-in-one carrying case.

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      HobonichiDrawer Pouch Áne (Yellow)



      Drawer Pouch Áne (Yellow)
      SizeW: 215 x H: 130 x T: 25 mm / W:8.5" x H: 5.1" x T: 1.0"
      Handle: 125 mm / 4.9"
      *Specifications may vary slightly
      WeightApprox. 163 g
      Main materialExterior: Cotton
      Interior: Polyester
      Giving Bag
      SizeW: 205 x H: 340 x T: 60 mm / W:8.1" x H: 13.4" x T: 2.4"
      WeightApprox. 35 g
      Main materialCotton

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      You can use a lint roller to clean the product, but be sure to avoid using tape with excessively strong adhesive as this may damage the material.

      About the strap

      Please handle with care. Pulling the strap in extreme directions or pulling it too tightly may result in damage.

      Pouch is not impact-resistant

      Please use caution when storing smartphones or other electronic devices in the pouch, as it is not built to protect contents from damage if dropped or struck.

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