This colorful adhesive tape is pre-cut into detailed shapes that match their printed designs, making a fresh, new take on washi tape that’s great for decorating your planner or wrapping presents.

      The tape is brightly-colored and water-resistant. Its adhesive is stronger than traditional washi tape and is similar to stickers in that it’s slightly difficult to remove. In this way, the tape is great for both pasting as a line of tape or cutting into segments to decorate things.

      The tape rolls come in two sizes: standard 15 mm width and mini 10 mm width. The tape roll also comes in charming packaging, wrapped in packages that either resemble snack food packaging or a matchbox.

      Choose from 10 bright and cheerful designs and use them in a wide variety of settings to take the cheer with you.

      Staff List

      Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe



      SizeW: 15 mm x H: 10 m / W: 0.6" x H 33''
      Weight15 g
      Main materialTape: PP
      Packaging: Paper
      Pavilio MINI
      SizeW: 10 mm x H: 6 m / W: 0.4" x H 20''
      Weight8 g
      Main materialTape: PP
      Packaging: Paper

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      Do not lick or apply to skin

      This item is for use on surfaces such as paper and glass.