HobonichiHobonichi Double-Stick Tape

      This tape dispenser fits perfectly into the planner cover's interior pockets for carrying double-sided tape on the go. The tape is cut into two different sizes of pre-measured strips to make it easy to use anytime, anywhere without having to deal with messy glue. Great for users who like to store little mementos in their pages, such as movie ticket stubs, receipts, pictures, and more.

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      Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
      HobonichiHobonichi Double-Stick Tape



      Hobonichi Double-Stick Tape
      SizeW: 55 mm × H: 92 mm × T: 3 mm
      Weight8 g
      Main materialPaper
      Other information7 mm x 22 mm (0.3" x 0.9"): 54 sheets

      7 mm x 46 mm (0.3" x 1.8"): 27 sheets

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