A Japanese-style planner with one page per day

The Hobonichi Planner

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The Hobonichi Planner is a collaboration between the Japanese website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun (Hobonichi) and the Tokyo-based life-style brand ARTS&SCIENCE, with direction by stylist and ARTS&SCIENCE owner Sonya Park. The original Hobonichi Techo has been adapted so users across the world can enjoy the unique, easy-to-use design that's made the planner a hit in Japan since its creation in 2001.The traditional Japanese techo is more than just a schedule book—it’s used as a sketchbook, a diary, or for other jottings and entries that make it an intimate part of its user's life. Experience for yourself the enjoyment and fascination of this unique aspect of Japanese culture.

A simple, refined design.

A stylish cover

The Japanese characters for techo, along with the ARTS&SCIENCE logo, are stamped in gold on this chic, textured black cover.

The Japanese characters stamped on the cover are an invitation into the world of the techo.


The page design is simple, making it easy to customize.

  1. [1] Customizable time slots Only the hour for 12 o’clock is included, to simply divide each day.
  2. [2] An eclectic quote for each spread Each two-day spread features a quote on the left page, with the author's name on the right. The quotes were chosen especially for this planner from Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun, the website that gave birth to the original Hobonichi Techo, and Sonya's Shopping Manual by ARTS&SCIENCE’s Sonya Park.
  3. [3] Sundays denoted in red The daily pages are printed in charcoal gray, except for the attractive red print on Sundays.
  1. [4] No holidays Holidays are excluded to optimize use across borders and cultures.
  2. [5] 4 millimeter graph paper The 4-millimeter graph-paper design has been slightly enlarged from the Japanese version, to allow comfortable writing for users from any country.

We’ve kept everything that makes the Japanese version great.

The Hobonichi Planner retains all the things that make the Japanese version great.

Common Features
  • -One page per day
  • -Quotes
  • -High-quality paper ideal for a planner
  • -Lay-flat binding
  • -Convenient graph paper

Information pages

A handy section in the back includes fun items of interest about Japan and countries around the world.

Exclusive covers are available through ARTS&SCIENCE.

Sonya Park designed these soft, lightweight leather covers to evoke the feeling of tossing on a light coat. The cover flap clasps shuts with a single button and holds the pen inside. Sonya personally chose the best materials on the principle that making something of the highest quality means it can be used for years. The soft, lightweight leather has a texture that matures with use, and helps the Planner fit even more snugly in your hands.

Hand-sewn bookmark
The leather bookmarks are sewn on by hand.Sonya believes in combining the merits of hands-on craftsmanship and precise automation.
Leather buttons
The buttons are also wrapped in leather.
Hobonichi and ARTS&SCIENCE logo
Embossed inside the cover is an original logo to commemorate the collaborative efforts of Hobonichi and ARTS&SCIENCE.

Hobonichi Planner Line-up

ARTS&SCIENCE covers Covers only available at ARTS&SCIENCE shops

  • Click here for information regarding A&S exclusive products.

The covers available at ARTS&SCIENCE shops are only available as a whole set with the planner pages. The covers available through the Hobonichi on-line shop are made of leather with a soft surface called “Smooth.” The covers available at the ARTS&SCIENCE shops are made of brushed leather with a harder feel.

Hobonichi Planner books may be used with any Hobonichi Techo cover.
Hobonichi Techo books may be used with ARTS&SCIENCE covers.

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