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[Hello! Download City: Vol.6]
Some printables from the Japanese page

In the past few "Hello! Download City" series, I've been introducing you to the English version of the Download City, but there's also a Japanese version, which in fact has a wider variety of content available.

Japanese Download City

We are aiming to translate more files from the Japanese page in the future, but in the meantime, I've picked out a few pages that you can start using from the Japanese page that I think might be useful.

Words to Remember

This page allows you to write down important words and phrases you've encountered throughout the year to occasionally look back on. Use the gray area of each block to write down dates or sources.

I've roughly annotated the Japanese here. You can see a preview of what you'll be downloading by clicking on each size of the gray box on the left. You can download by clicking on "Download" with the pink arrow on the right. This is the same for all other pages!

Anything List 100

Here is a list where you can write down 100 things, whether they be things you want to accomplosh this year, movies you'd like to watch or places you'd like to visit at least once in your life. You can tick off things you've accomplished using the check box. If 100 is a bit much for you, there's also a version with just 50 lines.

Please note this one is only available for the A6 Original / Planner size (but you can fold it so it fits the Weeks book). The one on the top is for the 100 version, and the one of the bottom is for the 50.


This sheet is a storyboard for 4 frames. Draw four frame comic strips, use it to come up with a storyline or convey an idea you've come up with with someone else. You can also paste a photo in the frame and write down a text to acompany it on the right.


You might recognize this page from the back of your techo book - it's included in all techo types! Keep a record and thoughts of movies you've saw, books you've read, music you've listened to, events you attended all in this list. You can also use it to write down your favorite phrases from a book or movie.

For the A6 Planner / Original and A5 Cousin, we've prepared three types you can choose from, depending on how much you plan to write under each title. The Weeks has just one type.

Lots of space to write


Keep a short, simple record

Here's a rough annotation. Although the image only includes the A6 Original / Planner, the same goes for the A5 Cousin.

Once you print these pages out, you can cut off the top part that has the Japanese if it bothers you!

We are planning to translate several of the Japanese pages into English, but if there are pages you'd like to see, you can send them in from the City Request Box at the bottom of the Download City page. We'd love to hear your ideas!

You'll see something like this