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[Hello! Download City: Vol.4]
My 100

One of the Bonus Pages at the back of the techo book I find useful is the My 100.

This is a handy list where you can write 100 things under any topic of your choice, whether it be books you've read, songs you've listened to, movies you've watched, or food you ate.

In 2021, I used the "My 100" in my Planner to write down the songs I listened to (very K-POP orientated that is) because I feel songs bring back your memories vividly. Is that just me? Sometimes, I hear a snippet of a song (like on TV or the radio, or in a shop) that strongly reminds me of a certain period in my life . . . only to not be able to remember what the song title was which means I can't search for it to listen to the rest. Having experienced this a few times, I decided to write down the songs I listened to and write down relevant dates when I can.

This was actually my first time using the My 100, but I realized how nice it is to be able to list all of my favorite things and to look back at a glance. It made me want to create lists for other topics as well, and . . .

that's where Download City comes in! You can download and print out as much as you want, so you can create lists for various topics and paste them all into one techo. I'm planning to continue my song list, and add a list for favorite foods and books I've read!

> Download My 100 (Available in all sizes)