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[Hello! Download City: Vol.3]
The Reminiscing Game

Can you believe it's already the last day of 2021? I feel like this year has gone by in a flash! (as cliche as it sounds)

To go over my events this year, I decided to download the Reminiscing Game from Download City.

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> The Reminiscing Game

This board game setup provides a way for you to look back through your memories in your Hobonichi Techo. There are 31 boxes to fill, so you can write in things that happened on a certain month or year in each box to play the game.

I decided to make a board game titled "My 2021," so I went ahead and flicked through my 5-Year Techo for 2021 to remind myself what I have been up to this year. The process of looking back at past entries was more fun than I thought! I roughly wrote down entries that stood out to me in a notebook before I wrote them down on the board game. I'm glad I did this, because I actually picked up about 50 topics at first and had to narrow it down by quite a bit! By creating a draft beforehand, I was able to evenly space out my events across the year (as much as I can).

This is the end result! (I used the one for A5 Cousin size)

I cut this out and pasted it in my Cousin (which is my work techo. I have been juggling between three techos this year . . . )

The dice and the roulette you see peeking through are also available for download. You can fill in the red speech bubbles in the board game to add instructions like "lose a turn" or "reroll dice" to spruce things up.

It would be fun to create a board game every year and for you to pull out your past techos to play with it every once in a while! Also, although I used it to reflect on the year, you can also use it to look back on each month.

I did look back at my old techos before, but actually picking events out of it and writing it down helped me reminisce on each event more vividly. Also, it's nice to have a colored page in your techo - I think it makes it look cute!