The Drawer Pouch big

The Drawer Pouch

The Drawer Pouch is a companion to the Hobonichi Techo, named after its role as a “drawer” you can carry around with you everywhere you go. It’s perfect for storing all your most important belongings in a convenient, portable case you can either carry around town or leave at home to keep everything easy to find. The Drawer Pouch comes in three sizes: Small, Large, and Áne (AH-nay). Check out the information below to help pick out which one best suits your needs.

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Large Drawer Pouch

This accordion-style Large Drawer Pouch can hold an A5-size notebook. The vast array of pockets and storage space is great for users who want to carry around lots of accessories and stationery alongside the Hobonichi Techo. The pouch can also organize and store loose items into a single neat area within your bag.

The pouch can hold anything you use on a daily basis — from stationery such as writing utensils, stickers, and scissors to cards, documents, and checkbooks. The compartments allow users to organize items into several areas based on themes. A user can store receipts, checkbooks, point cards, and coupons in one spot for “shopping,” and medical records and prescription documentation in another for “medical information.”

While the pouch holds a large number of items, it still zips shut into a slim, compact case. The pouch is perfect for storing and organizing everything neatly in one place inside your bag.

Being able to consolidate everything you need into a single zip-up multi-pocket pouch also makes it perfect for carrying everything you need around the office. The pouch also makes a wonderful storage companion when used alongside the Hobonichi Techo. Use the Drawer Pouch to keep all your important items organized and by your side.

Take a look inside

  • The shape of the interior makes the pouch easy to open and close.
  • A large pocket can fit A5-size papers or full size printer paper.
  • Cards can be stored in 9 small upright pockets.
  • This zipper pocket is about 9 cm (3.5 inches) deep with room to store important items.
  • The see-through mesh pocket can fit A5-size papers.

A look at the outside

  • 11 fabric designs to choose from!
  • The slim shape sits nicely inside a carrying bag for organization.
  • The pouch exterior has a roughly A5-sized single pocket.

Usage Examples

A travel pouch can be a big help on trips when you know exactly where to find your most important belongings, such as money, your passport, and phone charger. By keeping all your travel items in one place, you won’t have to worry about misplacing an item or trying to find something. (Pictured: Luna Meadow)

Turn your pouch into a convenient gadget case by storing your tablet, cords, chargers, and other accessories for your electronics. This provides an added bonus of cleaning up the clutter from your bag. (Pictured: Yellow)

The pouch can provide storage like a tool box, allowing you to separate and organize items within the pouch, such as pencils, paperclips, notebooks, washi tape, and other stationery. (Pictured: Cactus)

There’s plenty of room to store chocolates, crackers, and your favorite treats. This snack pouch will bring a smile to your face every time you open it up. (Pictured: Suki-Usagi)

Keep your lip gloss, hand cream, and makeup tools in the pouch for easy access. The large size can also accommodate bottles and tubes. (Pictured: Sugar Rose)

The pouch can be a great portable hygiene set if you keep your shaving set, hand cream, and other personal items stored inside. (Pictured: Dolphin Blue)

Keeping all your medicine and hygiene products in the pouch makes it a very reliable first aid kit for the home. We recommend also keeping prescription forms in one of the pockets. (Pictured: Soda Water)

Parents can have peace of mind by consolidating important health information and child care items like a thermometer on hand. The pouch makes it easy to grab and carry around town. (Pictured: Peacocks of Grantham Hall)

You can use this as a game pouch, great for both cleaning up around the house and carrying your console on the go. Keep your console in the pouch alongside your favorite games. (Pictured: Pixel Patterns)

The pouch can serve as a tool box for a specific purpose, such as a project or hobby. If you enjoy leather crafting, for example, here’s a look at a customized tool kit. (Pictured: Black)

Make a scrapbooking pouch by storing stickers, ribbons, glue, scissors, and all the items you’d want on hand when you’re ready to dive into your favorite hobby. (Pictured: Flower Lace)

Sales Information

Sales begin March 1st, 2019

Where to Buy

*Sales will begin through the Hobonichi Techo Official Store and at the Tobichi Tokyo shop on March 1st at 11 AM Japan time, and noon Japan time at the Tobichi Kyoto shop.*Preorders and early signups are not available at the Tobichi shops.Please see each shop’s homepage for more information. (Tokyo Kyoto)*For store hours and stock information at Loft shops, please contact the store directly.