Happy “Nya” Year!
Two is “ni,” and “meow” is “nyan,” so in Japanese 2022 is a year filled with cats: you can call it “nyan oh nyan nyan”! We hope you’ll spend the coming year with a Hobonichi Techo, and if you do we hope you have just as much fun as all the cats pictured on the reference materials included with the 2022 edition. This year’s Hobonichi Techo Omikuji has a total of 22 cats in various poses, from singing and playing to sleeping and eating. Step up and see just how your 2022 will turn meowt!

(You'll hear a cute cat meow when you draw an omikuji.)*The cat meows even if your phone is set to silent, so please make sure the volume level is set to zero if you are in situations where you don't want it to meow.

Cats You’ve Met