August 13th

Introducing a brand new techo book: the Day-Free

<On sale November 1st! > Day-FreeThe monthly techo notebook

There’s a new book coming to the Hobonichi Techo 2020 lineup. It’s called the Day-Free, and it’s available in A6 or A5 size. This techo comes with a blue cover reminiscent of a lovely clear sky.

The Hobonichi Techo team occasionally receives messages like these from users who currently use A6 Original or A5 Cousin techos with one page per day:

“The amount I write varies a lot from day to day, so I’m ignoring the dates as I go along.”

“It bothers me when I have blank daily pages.”

We wanted a way to make the techo easier to use for people in these situations, and came up with the idea for the Day-Free.

Simply put, the Day-Free is a monthly notebook. It’s a techo with a monthly calendar and a blank notebook.

In other words, this Hobonichi Techo is mainly made up of a monthly calendar and a blank graph-paper notebook.

If you’re used to the Original or Cousin techo books with daily pages, here’s another way to describe it:

We’ve removed the daily pages from the Original and Cousin books, and made the second half of the book a blank graph-paper notebook.

A look inside the Day-Free

Here’s a look at two pages that comprise the main content of the Day-Free.

First is the monthly calendar. It’s the same calendar you’ll find in the standard, daily Original and Cousin books. The monthly calendar is also designed with graph paper, making it easy to use. The 2020 edition will contain entries for December 2019 through March 2021.

Next is the graph paper notebook. The blank graph paper has 3.7 mm squares.

The Day-Free blank notebook section still includes the Hobonichi Techo’s characteristic daily quotes.

The bottom right of the notebook pages contain a flipbook illustrated by Dwarf Studios animator Tsuneo Goda, who worked on NHK’s Domo-kun and Komaneko.

The Day-Free includes other sections from the standard daily techo books, too: the yearly calendar, the yearly index page, and the informational pages in the back of the book. (The A5-size Day-Free does not contain the same weekly calendar as its Cousin counterpart. The Day-Free books also contain a different number of informational pages than their standard counterparts.)

The Day-Free notebooks are half the size of their Original and Cousin counterparts, making them light and portable.

The A6 and A5 size Day-Free books will go on sale November 1st on the Hobonichi Techo Official Store and at Tobichi Tokyo and Tobichi Kyoto.
*Not for sale at Loft department stores
*Not available in an April-start Spring version.

Come check out this new book as an option for your 2020 techo.