How to use
the Hobonichi Techo

The Hobonichi Techo can provide all sorts of enjoyment based on the different ways you can use it. Here’s a look at everything from the basics that are good to have figured out, to ideas that incorporate your interests and lifestyle.

The Basics

Do you mainly write in your pages?
Or tape things to them? Find which style suits you best.

You can record anything you want, such as keeping a schedule, journal, or to-do list, or writing down ideas, the weather or your physical condition that day, meals you ate, or places you visited. You can also stick to a basic ballpoint pen or pencil for simple writing, or incorporate text written in various directions up and down the page, written extra large, or in various colors or brush stroke styles.
It's fun to paste memories into your techo pages, whether that be tickets for art exhibitions or concerts, train tickets, photos, newspaper clippings, sticky notes or letters you receive, candy wrappers, drink labels, and more. We recommend this method to people who want to fill their pages but find it a chore to write.
The Hobonichi Techo is popular among users as an art book. Some people sketch and doodle in the pages or keep an art journal by drawing things like the outfit they wore that day or meals they ate. This even includes users who use brushes to paint with watercolors, or draw manga about their daily lives and post pictures of their pages on social media.
One of the nice things about the Hobonichi Techo is the way it even provides enjoyable reading material if you were to only read the quotes on the bottom of the pages each day. It’s also pleasing to read through your previous entries to look back on your life in your own handwriting. Experience the joy you get when forgotten memories bubble back to the surface.
It’s fun to pair your book with your favorite cover and think about all the things you’d like to store in the cover pockets. This can include your pens of choice, sticky notes, stickers, memo pads, and other stationery, or things good to have on hand just in case, such as business cards, Band-aids, or cash.

All kinds of ways to use it!

What do you want to write in your Hobonichi Techo?
What would you like to do?
Here are a handful of ideas you can try in your techo.

Keep a journal that consists of anything you want, like the events of the day or things that you ate.
Schedule management
Organize all of your upcoming plans by writing them in your techo. Some users use the techo to track the schedule of the entire family.
Task management
Write out your to-do list for the day and check off what you’ve completed.
Parenting journal
Write down the things your child does or says on a daily basis. This record of your child growing up will be a precious treasure someday.
Household account book
Use your techo to track financial transactions. It’s also helpful to store your receipts and important documents in the same book.
Diet / health tracking
Write your weight or temperature every day to track your health. You can also write down things you ate or the number of calories you’ve consumed.
Use the techo as a memo pad to write down anything that spontaneously comes to mind.
Use the techo as a notebook when studying new subjects, such as foreign languages. Some users also record the amount of time they spend studying.
Hobbies / learning
Compile what you learn — or organize what you know — about your hobbies, interests, or things you’re learning.
Turn your book into a show of love for your favorite celebrities or characters.
Write out your worries and put your thoughts on paper so you can review them and take an objective view.
If you’ve got a goal you’re trying to achieve, writing it down and assigning timelines can turn your techo into an ally for your accomplishment.
Tape in a photo or a letter to turn the book into an album of memories.
Life log
When you were a certain age, what kinds of things were you doing? The techo can provide a record of your life that can act as a special kind of log.

Lots of tips and tricks from our users

For every hundred users, the Hobonichi Techo has a hundred
different ways to use it. We took a closer look at the usage
examples of various users and checked out their tips and tricks.

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Informational pages

Here’s a look at the informational pageslocated at
the back of the Hobonichi Techo book. (Contents of the pages vary per book type.)

Here are the informational pagesfor the 2024 edition techo!

*The informational pages vary by book type.

An Interview with Myself
Seasonal Sweets to Make at Home
Caring for Your Eyes
Getting the Most Out of
Your Hobonichi Techo
Okonomiyaki —
Japanese-Style Savory Pancakes
Looking Back at the Year 2024

Some pages are included every year.

Time Table
Solar Terms
Emergency Preparedness
Age Table

*The informational pages vary by book type.
Please view the Book Buying Guide for more details.

Download informational pages andcustomize your book!

Download City

From the Hobonichi Techo
Online Magazine

Here are some articles from the Hobonichi Techo Official Website
that can provide some ideas for how to use your techo.

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Hobonichi Techo Online Magazine

Official Guidebook

If you'd like to see many more usage examples, we recommend the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook, which goes on sale in late August. The guidebook allows users to fully immerse themselves in the world of the techo.

Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook

Using social media

You can view a wide selection of posts by searching the #HobonichiTecho or #Hobonichi hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. We recommend you take a look!