Hobonichi Techo
Cover Basics

The Hobonichi Techo lineup includes a wide variety of books you can pair with a wide variety of covers. Here is some helpful basic information about how to choose a cover, how to put it on your book, and how to care for and maintain your cover over continued use.

Types of
Hobonichi Techo covers

The techo pairs your choice of
book with your choice of cover

The basic use of the Hobonichi Techo is by pairing a techo book with a cover. Choose your own book and cover combination depending on your lifestyle and what you want to write in it.

Here’s a look at the types of covers and the characteristics of each type.

There are mainly two types of covers

There are mainly two kinds of Hobonichi Techo covers: the “butterfly-stopper” type and the “zippers” type. They each come in sizes that correspond with book types, so choose a cover based on the size of techo you picked.

Butterfly-stopper type / Zippers type
*The covers do not fit the HON techo books. Please use the HON on its own.

*The 5-Year Techo only fits covers that are specially made for them.

Characteristics of
each cover type

We will briefly introduce you to the main characteristics of the basic Hobonichi Techo cover types, the “butterfly-stopper” type covers and the “zippers” covers.

Butterfly-stopper Type

Ever since it first appeared in the 2003 edition lineup, this cover type has been loved by many and is the basic shape of the Hobonichi Techo cover. The main characteristics are the two pen holders that keep the cover shut and the various pockets.

Colors: Dreamy Soda (A6 Original Size)

What does the interior look like?

1) Butterfly-stopper
This is the name for the pen holders that are on either side of the cover. By closing the techo cover and putting a pen through both pen holders, it acts as a hinge and holds the cover shut, preventing the pages from crumpling.
2) Various pockets
The Hobonichi Techo cover comes with lots of pockets both on the inside and outside. There are various shapes and sizes, from those you can store business cards to those that can fit postcards.
3) Two bookmarks
The covers come with two bookmarks with triangular and rectangular charms on the ends (the shape of the charms may differ depending on the cover). It’s useful to use each bookmark to mark different pages, for example using one for the monthly calendar and one for the daily pages.

Zippers Type

The Zippers covers allow you to fully enclose your techo with zips. It will protect your techo and also make sure that the contents don’t fall out easily. The charm of this cover type is how much you can store in it, and you can keep stationery such as pens and washi tapes with your techo.

Single Color: mare (A6 Original size)

What does the interior look like?

1) Extra-large pocket
This is the largest pocket, located between the cover exterior and interior. Here, you can store large documents, such as A4-sized paper folded in half — there will be moments when having a pocket this size comes in handy.
2) Mesh pocket
The mesh pocket is useful to store small items and items with thickness, such as washi tape and other stationery. It’s practical to be able to know what is stored inside at a glance.
3) Pen holder
The Zippers covers have a pen holder on the interior. Because you can close your cover, you won’t have to worry about losing your favorite pens. If it’s a thin pen, you can store two.
  • ●Other than the types we have shown you here, we also have trifold covers and more simplified covers.
  • ●You can use the covers for the Original and Cousin for the Avec book and Day-Free.

Who do we recommend
each type to?

Who would benefit from using each cover type? We hope you find your perfect match from how you use it and what you like.

Who would we recommend the
butterfly-stopper type cover to?

●You want to choose from various cover designs
Many of the covers come as the butterfly-stopper type. It has the most design options, so you can pick out your favorite from a multitude of designs.
●You like the shape to be simple
Even though it’s packed with useful features such as pockets and bookmarks, it looks smart and doesn’t get bulky.
●You want to start off with the standard shape
The butterfly-stopper type is the standard Hobonichi Techo cover type and has been here since it was first introduced in the 2003 lineup. It’s perfect for anyone looking to start off with the standard type.

Who would we recommend the
zippers type cover to?

●You want to store lots in your cover
With a zippers cover, you’ll be able to carry around many things with your techo because of how much space it offers. The zippers will prevent things from falling out of your cover.
●You want lots of pockets
From extra-large pockets where you can store large-sized paper to mesh pockets where you can put in items with thickness, these covers come with various types of pockets.
●You want to customize it
The zippers type covers come with a zipper pull. Some users put keychains here. You can customize it to your liking, making you feel more attached to it.
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Specialty covers

The following covers are designed for use with specific products, such as the Day-Free, Weeks, and 5-Year Techo.

Day-Free cover
A slim, portable notebook with monthly calendars
View line up
Weeks cover
Contains pockets and pen hooks
View line up
5-Year Techo cover
Treasure your techo for five years
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Types of pen holders

There are various types of pen holders depending on the techo cover.

Butterfly stopper
These pen holders are on either side of the cover so you can put a pen through both pen holders and securely keep it shut.
Pen holder
Zippers covers traditionally contain this type of pen holder for you to store a pen by its body.
Pen hook
This pen holder allows you to store a pen by its clip.

*There are types of pen holders besides those listed above. See each product page for more information.

How to put on your cover

When buying the Hobonichi Techo as a book and cover set, you’ll assemble the set yourself. The cover fits the book quite snugly, but there’s a way to put it on without having to bend your book cover to squeeze it in. See the photographs below for instructions on easily inserting your book into its cover.

Butterfly-stopper pen holder covers
  • Open your book all the way up until the front cover meets the back cover.

  • Slide in the front and back cover at the same time.

  • Close the book and you’re all set.

  • Insert a single pen through both pen holders to keep your book closed while storing in a bag.

    Zippers covers
    • Open your book all the way up until the front cover meets the back cover.

    • Slide in the front and back cover at the same time.

    • Close the book and you’re all set.

      Weeks covers
      • Weeks books are designed to have only one side inserted into the cover.*Weeks books contain designs on the actual book cover, so an additional cover to store the Weeks book is optional.

      Caring for your cover

      Here are some ways to clean your cover on a regular basis so you can keep it in nice condition over time.

      Cleaning grime
      • - Wet a clean cloth with water (or water diluted with neutral detergent) and wring out excess water.
        - Gently tap the cover with the damp cloth.
        - Place the cover in a shady area with good ventilation so it can dry.*First test an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire cover.
        *Avoid using a hair dryer or laundry dryer as this may shrink or distort the material.
        *Avoid using such extra-strength volatile detergents as benzene and thinners as these may distort the colors of the cover.

      Cleaning leather covers
      • Use a cleaning brush to lightly wipe away dust and particles from the surface.

      • Rub a small, pea-sized amount of lotion into a soft cloth and lightly apply it to the entire cover.

      • Use a glove cloth or other soft, dry cloth to wipe the entire cover and evenly distribute the lotion. This will give the cover a soft gloss.

        *First test an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire cover.

        You can find leather care goods here

        Products for keeping
        your techo clean

        You can put a specially designed clear cover on your techo or its cover. This will protect it from scratches or grime and keep it in good condition.

        Types that fit onto a techo cover

        Cover on Cover
        (for Original or Cousin)
        *Compatible with the Colors series or printed covers. It is not designed for other cover styles and will either be too tight or not fit at all.
        [Not for use with these covers]-Leather covers
        -PU (faux leather) covers
        *May cause discoloration or deterioration of some materials.

        Types that fit directly onto the book

        Clear Cover
        (for A6 Size HON, A5 Size HON, Weeks)
        *Designed exclusively for each respective techo book. Please choose the type that was designed for your specific book.
        [Not for use with these covers]-Books with attached covers that contain any of the following materials: PVC, leather, PU (faux leather)*May cause discoloration or deterioration of some materials.

        Some covers may not be suitable for use with a clear cover depending on their specifications. Please consult the “Know before you buy” section on each page before purchasing.

        See Cover on Covers and Clear Covers here