Shinsuke Yoshitake x HobonichiYes / No Pencil Board

      Hobonichi pencil boards come in three sizes to perfectly fit the A6 Original/Planner, A5 Cousin, and the Weeks. This double-sided design features cute drawings by illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake, with a clearly labeled YES and NO you can use to quietly express yourself to others in those times you find it hard to speak up.

      Of course, it works quite well as a pencil board, too. Place the pencil board beneath the page you’re writing on to make it easy to write with a pen without leaving impressions on the paper beneath. The background of the illustration has 5 mm graph lines and a ruler on one side divided into millimeters. The top corner tab of the pencil board also sticks out to act as a bookmark when stored in-between pages.

      About Shinsuke Yoshitake

      Born 1973 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
      Illustrator and children’s book author.
      Creates comics, children’s book illustrations, drawings, and illustrated essays about the little things in our daily lives.
      Won first place in the 6th Annual MOE Children’sBook Awards and won the Art Prize for the 61st Annual Children's Publishing Culture Awards with his debut book. It Might be an Apple.

      Other books translated in English include:

      Still Stuck

      What Happens Next?

      Can I Build Another Me?

      Staff List

      Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
      Shinsuke Yoshitake x HobonichiYes / No Pencil Board



      For Planner / Original
      SizeW: 103 x H: 150 mm (excluding index)
      Weight 6g
      Main materialYupo

      Exterior: Matte PP
      For Cousin
      SizeW: 147 x H: 210 mm (excluding index)
      Main materialYupo

      Exterior: Matte PP
      For Weeks
      SizeW: 88 x H: 181 mm (excluding index)
      Main materialYupo

      Exterior: Matte PP

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