B-Jirushi YoshidaCombi (Yellow)Weeks Cover Only

    *Weeks planner book sold separately.

    The Combi cover for the Weeks was designed in collaboration with B-Jirushi Yoshida. The cover is see-through and allows you to see your Weeks book stored inside.

    The cover surface has grid lines across its semi-transparent PVC material. This cover is the first of its kind in the Hobonichi Techo lineup, and its unique look changes entirely based on the design of the Weeks book stored inside.

    This cover comes in three vivid colors: black, blue, or yellow. It’s slightly rough to the touch, making it reminiscent of outdoor materials, and the material is called Nylon Oxford — nylon material that’s woven like denim. This makes it light yet durable and gives it a sporty look.

    The Yellow cover has a bright and cheerful color that provides a striking look.

    The cover’s double zipper allows it to open from either end, and reveals a space to insert a Weeks book, two card pockets on the right, and a pen hook on the far right that’s designed to hold a pen by its clip.

    Additional Weeks covers are designed in a way that we recommend only inserting the back cover of the book. The Combi cover, however, is a special exception. Because the semi-transparent cover is designed to be displayed simultaneously with the pattern of your Weeks book of choice, we recommend inserting both the front and back book covers of the Weeks into the Combi cover.

    About B-Jirushi Yoshida

    Bag maker Yoshida Kaban, famous for their meticulous attention to detail, teamed up with select shop Beams to establish B-Jirushi Yoshida, a shop that offers exclusive, high-quality products. The shop in Daikanyama offers collaboration items that boast an attentive sense of style and a focus on Tokyo’s unique culture. B-Jirushi Yoshida also has a shop in Narita Airport that sells high quality travel items and gifts with minimal designs.

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    Styled Images: Motofumi Sannomiya / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
    Saya Yonekura
    Yuki Endo
    B-Jirushi YoshidaCombi (Yellow)Weeks Cover Only



    Size W: 120 x H: 220 x T: 25 mm / W:4.7" x H: 8.7" x T: 1.0"
    *Excluding zipper pull
    *Specifications may vary slightly
    Weight Approx. 99 g
    Main materialPVC

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    Do not keep in contact with printed material or vinyl surfaces for extended periods of time

    Letting the product sit against printed material or vinyl surfaces may result in transfers of the print and other damage.

    Material may weaken over time

    The material coating, tape, plastic, and other parts of this cover may weaken as the product ages over time.

    How to use pen holder

    This pen holder works by holding the clip of a pen. Certain pen sizes may make it difficult to close the cover zipper.

    Avoid storing in hot and humid places

    Please avoid storing your product in hot, humid places or placing it atop other objects for long periods of time as this may result in lower quality and color stains.

    Usable with the Weeks Mega

    This item can also be used with the Weeks Mega.