SneakerMatte BlackWeeks Mega Softcover Book (Japanese)

    This Weeks book contains three times the number of memo pages as the standard version, bringing it to a total of 213 pages of graph paper in the back. The weight is 178 g (6.3 oz), only 53 g (1.9 oz) more than the standard edition. The thickness is 12 mm (0.5 in), only 3 mm (0.1 in) thicker than the standard edition.

    The Sneaker series showcases the flexibility the Weeks Mega provides by staying portable and allowing you to pull it out anytime to write as much as you want. The paperback book makes it easy to grasp, the pages are easy to turn, and the book is well-designed for storing in your pocket for easy access whenever you find yourself wanting to jot down a note.

    Matte Black has a subtle black design with the Mega logo embossed onto the surface.

    The Hobonichi logo printed on the back of the cover was originally written by hand, and emphasizes the casual look of sneakers and the way it can take rough handling.

    The Sneaker series is new to the Hobonichi Techo lineup this year, so we’ve created a video to introduce the series. The theme is “Techo on the go.”

    The Sneaker series does not contain a bookmark, and instead includes reusable clear sticky notes.

    When you order this Hobonichi Techo Weeks, you’ll receive a clear, adhesive corner pocket and a mini-size fold-out Hobonichi Japan Railway Map 2019.

    If you’d like storage space or a way to change up the look of your Weeks book, you can customize your book by pairing it with a Weeks cover.

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    Staff List

    Styled Images: Hiro Nagoya / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
    Makeup & Hair
    Kayoko Sekiya
    Lee Momo (spoon)
    SneakerMatte BlackWeeks Mega Softcover Book (Japanese)



    Size W: 88 x H: 182 x T: 12 mm / W: 3.5" x H: 7.2" x T: 0.5"
    *Specifications may vary slightly
    WeightApprox. 178 g
    Main materialPVC, paper
    Pages384 pages
    Paper TypeThin, light Tomoe River paper resistant to bleeding and designed for planners.
    Graph Paper Size3.55 mm
    Yearly Calendar2018, 2019, 2020
    Yearly IndexJan. - Dec. 2019 (2 pages)
    Monthly CalendarDec. 2018 - Mar. 2020 (32 pages)
    Weekly QuotesOne per week (Japanese)
    Weekly PagesNov. 27, 2018 - Jan. 6, 2020 (116 pages)
    *All weekly pages include quotes.
    Graph Paper213 pages
    Informational PagesShorthand Note-Taking / Graph Paper / Using Common Items to Measure Size / Solar Terms / Tips on Living Life in a Good Mood / Breakfast around the World / Introduction to Reading Classical Literature / Emergency Preparedness / Conversion Chart / Useful Links / Age Table / Contact List / Personal Notes
    Listed InformationWeek of the year / Rokuyo (traditional Japanese calendar) / Solar terms / Japanese holidays / Moon phase (weekly pages include every phase, monthly calendars only include full and new moon)

    Please Read Before You Buy

    In order to provide you with the most satisfaction for your product, we've compiled a list of warnings, potential issues, and tips to keep in mind for this particular product. Please be sure to read this information carefully before placing your order.

    Test fountain pens before regular use

    The Hobonichi Techo's Tomoe River paper is designed to prevent bleed-through, but some fountain pens and water-based ink pens are not compatible with this paper. When switching to a new pen, we recommend testing the pen somewhere in the book, such as the back memo pages, to see if the ink bleeds through or takes an especially long time to dry.

    About the reusable clear sticky notes

    Removing the clear sticky notes may tear the paper, so please pull slowly from the corner.

    Avoid using with Clear Cover

    This book is not recommended for use with the Weeks Clear Cover. (Clear Cover will have 1 cm loose plastic past the top and bottom of the book.)

    Avoid storing in hot and humid places

    Please avoid storing your product in hot, humid places or placing it atop other objects for long periods of time as this may result in lower quality and color stains.