Large Hobonichi 5-Year Techo Leather Cover (Natural)A5 Size / Japanese / Five Years in One Book

      Specially made as the cover of the 5-Year Techo, Natural is made of tanned cow leather that changes color over time as the leather ages.

      The covers were created to protect the book you’ll carry with you for 5 years. It will conform nicely to your hands over time, and you’ll enjoy its classic look for years to come.

      The front of the cover is imprinted with the name Hobonichi 5-Year Techo, with the letters cleanly imprinted on the Natural cover and silver foil-pressed on the Red cover.

      The bottom left interior of all the covers are also imprinted with the Hobonichi logo to enhance the feel of the leather and keep the design nice and simple.

      Inside the cover on the right-hand side is a pen hook that can store a pen by its clip. The pen hook has a diameter of 8mm and will not fit pens with extra-wide clips.

      The inside of the leather cover spine has undergone a leathercraft process called “skiving” to provide a perfect fit.

      Because the cover uses a firm leather, the front cover may rise from the book in the beginning due to a tight fit. Over continued use, the cover will break in to lay flat with the book. The leather’s character and color deepens over time for a transformation that’s a joy to watch. We recommend waterproof spray and other leather care goods for users who would like to protect their covers and keep the leather clean.

      Staff List

      Styled Images: Yoichi Nagano / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
      Miwako Tanaka
      Large Hobonichi 5-Year Techo Leather Cover (Natural)A5 Size / Japanese / Five Years in One Book



      SizeW: 230 x H: 160 x T: 28 mm / W:9.1" x H: 6.3" x T: 1.1"
      WeightApprox. 104 g
      Main materialCow leather
      Book (5-Year Techo / Japanese / January Start)
      SizeA5 size
      W: 156 x H: 214 x T: 25 mm / W:6.1" x H: 8.4" x T: 1.0"
      *Actual book size may vary slightly
      WeightApprox. 680 g
      Pages752 pages
      Main materialPVC, paper
      Paper TypeThin, light Tomoe River paper resistant to bleeding and designed for planners.
      Graph Paper Size3.7 mm
      Yearly Calendar2019 - 2023
      Daily PageJan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2023
      Daily QuotesOne quote per two-page spread (Japanese)
      Informational PagesYearly Memo Page / Remember This / Gifts / Addresses (for 16 people) / My Lists / Human History at a Glance / Personal Notes

      Please Read Before You Buy

      In order to provide you with the most satisfaction for your product, we've compiled a list of warnings, potential issues, and tips to keep in mind for this particular product. Please be sure to read this information carefully before placing your order.

      Tanned leather (Natural)

      In order to provide the full enjoyment of visible changes in aging leather, this product uses natural leather and does not contain dyes. It is possible for leather products used in the same settings to age differently. In addition, the leather may haveimperfections visible on the surface, such as wrinkles, scratches, stains, or vein marks. These will stand out less over continued use. We ask for your understanding for these naturally occurring characteristics of genuine leather.

      Pen holders are rigid at first

      The pen holders are rigid at first, making it difficult to insert pens. You can speed up the breaking-in process by rolling the pen holders in your hand.

      Avoid storing in hot and humid places

      Please avoid storing your product in hot, humid places or placing it atop other objects for long periods of time as this may result in lower quality and color stains.