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Trifold design

The 2016 ARTS&SCIENCE covers have a simple yet stately tri-fold design with magnets that make it easy to close and open the cover.

Dual leather

The outside and inside of the cover each use a different kind of leather. The all-natural leather retains its original wrinkles and unique markings while also holding up strong against scrapes and scratches. The leather softens and conforms to your hands over time.

Pen holder and bookmark

The cover includes a single, hand-sewn bookmark and a pen holder inside the cover to hold a single pen.

Outer pocket

The back of the cover includes a large pocket for storing quick access materials. The pocket can store 8"x11" paper folded in quarters. The pocket is solid, but it has such a large opening that things could fall out. We recommend not storing items you can't afford to lose.

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