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To-do list

Each monthly calendar includes four checkboxes for keeping track of things to do. If four boxes aren't enough, there's plenty of room to add more.

Daily boxes

Each box is lightly printed with a graph design to make it easy to fill in a full day's worth of plans. You can also take full advantage of the graph design by drawing out sections to allocate plans or entries visually.

Week numbers

The monthly calendars include the number of the week. The formula we use begins counting with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

Free space

The calendars include free space below and to the left for taking notes, making plans or decorating the calendars with stickers and washi tape.

Moon phases

While the daily pages feature illustrations of the moon phase of that particular day, these calendars only include new moons (●) and full moons (○).

Labeling 2017

The monthly pages for January through March of 2017 have the year in large numbers in the background to easily differentiate them from the 2016 pages.

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