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STORE CLOSING: To prepare for the release of our 2015 edition Hobonichi Planner and all-new cover lineup, the current Hobonichi Store will be CLOSING on August 19th, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, August 18 at 7 PM PDT) and sales of current 2014 products will end. Our announcement to reveal the new planners and covers will take place at the end of August. The 2015 Hobonichi Store will go online on September 1st, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, August 31 at 7 PM PDT).

Leather Covers Leather Covers TS Black

The TS Black leather cover is soft from the moment you start using it, and it will gradually adjust to fit even more comfortably in your hands. This black leather cover gained great popularity after its debut in the 2009 lineup. Says designer and Hobonichi Techo book art director Taku Satoh, about choosing from the many samples, “I thought about which one I’d want to use personally, and arrived at this one.” The matte leather material with minimal gloss is also used in leather gloves. The cover is highly versatile for general use, and goes well with both formal and casual scenarios. Our leather covers do not contain the HOBO logo tag, but instead are engraved with “HOBONICHI 2014” on the bottom right inside the cover. The letters TS on the small tag are Taku’s initials.

Cover Only Important information
4,937 yen(incl. tax, excl. shipping)
  • Cover
Will ship in 1-3 business days
Hobonichi Planner Important information
2,571 yen(incl. tax, excl. shipping)
  • Hobonichi Planner book
Will ship in 1-3 business days

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Size (Cover + Book Set)Width: 115mm (excluding butterfly clasp) x Height: 165mm x Thickness: 22mm
WeightAbout 95g
MaterialsCow leather

Hobonichi Planner

Size A6 (Japanese paperback)(Width: 105mm x Height: 149mm x Thickness: 14mm)
Weight 210g
Pages Yearly calendar (2014-2015) / Yearly index (Dec. 2013 - Mar.2015) / Monthly calendar (Dec. 2013 - Mar. 2015) / Daily pages (Dec.1, 2013 - Dec. 31, 2014) / Memo sheets / Informational pages

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Important information

Colors on the screen may differ from actual product
Actual products are featured in all posted photographs,
but please note that colors may vary slightly from how it appears
on your computer monitor.
All covers are hand-made and may contain slight variances
Each and every cover is individually sewn by a factory workerhand-operating a sewing machine. Best efforts are made to ensure consistent sizes and specifications, but as these products are hand-made, covers are not made as exact copies.
Leather covers may contain wrinkles and marks
In order to allow customers the enjoyment of all-natural leather,the leather is processed in a way that retains its original feel.
This may leave imperfections visible on the surface of the cover,such as wrinkles, scratches, stains, or vein marks.
Depending on the conditions in which the cover is used,natural oils of the leather may emerge and appear as wrinkles.
We ask for your understanding for these naturally-occurring characteristics of genuine leather.
Manufactured for less aging
The TS Black cover uses chrome-tanned cow leather, which undergoes less aging than vegetable-tanned covers.
The texture of the cover will remain the same over prolonged use.
Leather coloring stains
Dyed leather products tend to leave stains until the dye has worn into the leather upon use.
Please be careful not to allow the leather to adhere or rub against other objects such as clothing or other belongings, especially if the cover is wet.
If your cover gets wet
Immediately dab your cover with a dry cloth if it gets wet.
Avoid drying it with high temperatures, and place it in a well-ventilated place in the shade.
Avoid storing in hot and humid places
Please avoid storing your cover in hot, humid places or placing it on potentially adhesive substances for long periods of time as this may result in lower product quality and color stains.
Please use caution when storing.
Caring for your leather cover
These covers are very delicate, so please use caution when maintaining them. Gently wiping your cover with a soft, dry cloth occasionally will be sufficient. For removing stains and other routine care to extend the life of your leather, we recommend using the Leather Care Kit available in the Hobonichi Store.
Hobonichi has partnered with R&D Co., Ltd. to provide customers with critically-acclaimed leather care products.
Cover on Cover
The PVC plastic of the Cover on Cover contains plasticizer additives which may cause a reaction in the leather dye and affect the color and quality of the leather cover.
Please refrain from using the Cover on Cover with this product.
New covers are slightly rigid before use
Depending on the material of your cover, it may be slightly rigid upon arrival. You may have a slightly difficult time inserting your planner or closing the cover, but when you use the cover as usual, it will naturally break in and grow comfortable over time.
Inserting your planner into your cover
When inserting your planner book into your cover, it will be easier to begin by sliding the left side of the book
into the left pocket, and then inserting the right side.
Pen holder (“butterfly clasp”)
Hobonichi Techo covers come with pen holders that keep the pages shut. This holder may be rigid upon
initial use, making pen insertion slightly difficult, but kneading the pen holder open will make it easier to use.
Depending on the material of the cover, pens with rubber grips may be difficult to slide into the holder.
Using fountain pens
Writing on the planner’s Tomoe River paper with a fountain pen may result in ink bleeds or transfers from wet ink.
When using water-based inks, we recommend testing the pen on an inconspicuous place in the book before using.

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