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The dream material for Haramaki
One of the reasons why Haramaki fans love our product is because our "belly warmers" wrap so nicely around your waist. In cooperation with the knit factory, we constantly aim for maximum comfort.
<Main features of the Hobonichi Haramaki>
To meet those expectations, we worked hard on the development of a special yarn for our Haramaki. Combining lots of small ideas of how to make the perfect fiber and weaving technique, here is our little secret of how to do the right "twist".
1 Not too tight, not too loose: a perfect fit around your waist.
  The elastic part of the Haramaki is kept loose for a comfortable, light fit.
2 Stretchy, but bouncing right back to its original shape after each use.
We adjust the mixture of our materials, so that the belly warmer snaps back to its original shape after each stretching.
3 A soft touch.
  Our extra long cotton fibers create a soft touch.
4 Can be worn directly onto the skin due to very little allergen.
  Cotton usually contains a little allergen, but we make sure that the part that touches
your skin contains the least possible for ultimate allergen control.
5 Enduring fluff-and-knot-free material.
97% cotton, 3% polyurethan
66% cotton, 26% nylon
8% polyurethan
6 Machine-wash until 30°C and you can dry them in the sun.
7 Can be worn for many years.

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