Dear Mr.Wang,

greetings from japan !
i'm sending reports from our readers about your quetions.
i'm so sorry but this mail is heavier one a little.

the folowing is the digest of our readers' report.
first of all,
>do lady really quite job after getting married?
the reports said that recently, almost ladies continue job after getting married.

first, by reason of "economic" ;
especially, everything is expensive in city area,
you know.

second, women becomes to think seriously
about "to have job".

and third, women who has professional- not generalist- work are getting more.

but for women who have kids,
"to continue job" is difficult.

so they "must/may" quite their jobs.
because there is still a unchanged-social
a prejudice which wemen should be a full-time housewife and men should be hard to work without helping their wives, or a chronic lack of day nurseries for working wemen.

>are there ladies who get onto very high positions in a company?
a reader answered this question like this;
"in japan companies, only "single" or "denks" women can get onto high positions. japanese company's custom prevent other women-having kids- from getting high positions and continuing job."
she is divorced, now not a employee of company
but self-employed because of having a daughter.

>Usually is the bride or groom who will pay for the wedding?
almost readers said that
"we paid/will pay these cost 50/50."
about this question in detail,
please read the mail lower one.

reading them, What did you think of these report?
please send your impression after reading these reports.
and (i ask this question, again)
could you tell us that why do you think
that "i'd like to know" these topics ?
you said you'd been to japan three times for business,are these questions related to this?

we're looking forward to your return !!
thank you very much for spending your time to read this mail.

we always thank you and your family for your cooperations!
best regards,


thanks for translating and compiling
the answers from your readers.
they gave me a better understanding about
Japanese society.

the 'I'd like to know' questions are
out of my curiosity.
my three business trips were not related
in anyway with the questions. you can see,
these business trips are not related to
women or marriage.
But, I do have one observation in my first trip
when visiting one of the companies.
We were shown a demo of a computer service similar to American On Line.
The demo was at the end of the 2 hour meeting and presentation.
The girl/lady doing the demo was in the same meeting right from the beginning but was standing there for the full duration without a seat.
Many of Singapore visitors were puzzled as to how
she can be treated this way.
this in some way led to my question
about the position of female in the big corporates.

best regards,
Mr Wang