>Dear Ashley,
>i'm very happy to say "hi :-)" to you again.
>well, i like your site very much !
>this museum always amuses me,
>with lots of great art works.
>in addition a museum shop!! 
>( i want to buy some works -if i could,
>but it's too small for me to use and wear them ;-) )
>All right, let's begin the interview via "internet".
>first of all,
>how many "LEGO" block-pieces do you have ?
>you may think "what a silly question this is" !?
>but i want to know how you select out of those pieces,
>and create these art works by using blocks...

Answer: I believe I have around 80,000 Lego bricks. I try to select bricks or Lego elements that are interesting, unique or that seem to be the shapes and types used in real art. I tend to like small 1x2 plates and bricks with unusual characteristics or qualities.

I am always buying new Lego sets to add to my collection. My favorite sets are Pirates and Technic.

>i really enjoy your site !
>especially i like "glass works"
>...and and and !!
>i guess that visitors(those little ones) of this museum
>also enjoy themselves, right?
>by the way,
>do you visit "real" art museums or galleries?
>if you did, could you please tell us your favorite ones of them?

Answer: It seems as though many visitors to my site like "Articulated Reflection." This work is located in the East Hall. I think people like it
for two reasons, one, they have never seen silver coated bricks, next, because the minifig reflection can be seen. I think the clarity of the minigfig smiling at the viewer adds a happy feeling to this work.

I do not seem to visit many big museums or galleries. I tend to visit art stores or art shows.
I also see art works and sculptures in the airports
and cities I visit.

>"artists" of this museum are all great ones,
>except for "fictional" persons ;-)
>and they'd created very beautiful art works.
>by the way,
>i like "modern art" very much,
>for example P.Mondrian, Le Corbusier
>and A. Rodchenko (Russian avant-garde) and so on.
>do you like "modern art" ?
>and do you have a favorite artist?

Answer: I like modern art and modern sculpture very much. I especially like the use of vibrant colors and mixed media. I do not have a favorite
artist. I like many works of local or regional artists.

In addition to modern art, I really like modern architecture. I specifically like the architectural works of I.M. Pei.

>what do you want to create by "LEGO" hereafter?

Answer: I am presently working on a website featuring Lego Duplo bricks. I want to show the world that these large bricks for children can be used to make neat things. The site content is a suprise but I think you and your readers will like it. I can tell you that it will contain quite a few works of modern art made from Duplo bricks!

>i guess you've met many people via this site
>since you were established.
>Are there impressive ones of them?
>For example, a person whom you can meet only on the web,
>because of living so far-away country, and so on?

Answer: I enjoy having visitors view my site from around the world. Many people send me e-mail and I try to respond to every message. The internet is a very special place where everyone in the world can share ideas and interests.

>Many japanese people, whom you never met, maybe,
>is going to visit your site -just we hope they will.
>is there a message for them?

Answer: Thank you for visiting my site. I am very honored to have so many web visitors from Japan.
I would like it if someone could interpret my site
to the Japanese language.

>By the way, what do your family -tolerating Lego bricks scattered
>throughout the house and your late nights of computing ;-)-
>say to you about recommending your web site in japan?

Answer: My family is very supportive of my web site. We are all very surprised at how popular the site has been. It is fun knowing that people from around the world can see the web page.

>This is a last question.
>What is the latest your favorite site -except your own site?
>Please tell us?

Answer: My favorite Lego web site is Joe Davenport's Lego site. I really like his tractors and farm implements and think this is a very creative
site. The link is included on my "Links" page. I have also included the link below.

>thank you for your joining our site's project,
>and your cooperation.

Answer: I am happy to participate. I wish you success with this project.

>We hope that this is a opportunity to create
>a friendship between your site and our readers.

Answer: I look forward to making many new Japanese friends.

>i finish a work as a interviewer, right now.
>Am i a good interviewer for you?
Answer: Yes.

>i'm awfully sorry that my english is not enough... ...
Answer: Your english is fine.
I wish I could respond in your language.

>i'm visiting your site again, as a reader,
>and email to you again.
>Thank you for your time.
>Sincerely yours,
>by the way,
>do you have "Lego Watch" ?
>i _have_ that watch !!
>i happened to get it in London 2years ago, but since then,
>i had been absorbed in the watch...
>when i returned from London to our country(it takes about 12hours),
>"Lego watch" never bored me !

Answer: I do not own the Lego watch. Lego has some new watches availablenow. Maybe I should get one.

>that is *not* toy, do you think so?

Answer: No. I do not think it is a toy. It is fun.