> Dearest Wang's family,
> i'm very happy to say "hi :-)" to you again.

> All right, let's begin the interview via "internet".
> Ready?

> Q1//
> Why did you select "Japan", as a family trip?

I had been to Japan for business three times,
in 93, 96, 97 respectively. always wanted to bring the family to see Japan as well.
As a family, we like to travel. We had been to USA, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, China (where we were from).
Japan was our 'next' destination.
that's why we choose Japan last time.
after the Japan trip, we went to Phukit, Thailand last May.
the next destination for the family is - you may guess it -Europe.

> Q2//
> (i'd like to ask this question of each one of your
> family)
> Could you please tell us the "most impressive"
> thing during this trip?

Father: the hot spring in the 5 lake area
Mother: the Autumn foliage
Ray: the bullet train
Connie: the disney and tatami(sp?)

> Q3//
> Before going to Japan,
> you had the image of Japan in advance.
> Did IT change after this trip?

since I had been to Japan 3 times, I know pretty much what to expect.

> Q4//
> During this trip,
> did you find any food, place ... which were not on
> guidebook?
> if you found something, what is it?

we didn't read much guidebook.
we found the hot spring very pleasant.
the ginko trees in the city of Tokyo, Osaka were
very nice.
did not expect the traffic jam was so bad in Tokyo.
ALso found the highway system as well developed as in the USA.
convenient rest areas with small food shops and vending machines.

> Q5//
> is there anything "surprising",
> which is not in Singapore but in Japan?

the hot spring, the bullet train, tatami bed and kimono rope,

> Q6//
> Did you buy any souvenirs in Japan?
> if you bought, What is it?

Ray bought a digimon 6,
Connie got a Hello Kitty doll,
the mother bought a crystal necklace,
the father - since he had been to Japan before, was not allowed to buy anything :-)

> Q7//
> is there a place where you didn't go this time but
> want to go next time?

next time, may want to go to Hokaido,
the northern part where we can see some snow.

> Q8//
> (i'd like to ask this question of each one of your
> family)
> is there any questions to japanese people,
> if you like?
> of course, we'll answer them.
> please don't ask spiteful questions ;-)

I'd like to know,
do lady really quite job after getting married?
are there ladies who get onto very high positions in a company?
if so, do they stay single. In Singapore,
ladies do get into high positions.
Some do stay single.
but most wifes do work as well.
Wonder how Japaness wedding is like.
I know only that they have the ceremony in the hotels.
Usually is the bride or groom who will pay for the wedding?
In the west, it is the bride,
in the east (China and Singapore), it is the groom.

> Q9//
> (i'd like to ask this question of each one of your
> family)
> By the way,
> could you recommend us
> your favorite "things/place/food" in Singapore?

the bird park, zoo, and sentosa island are worth going.
try local food at a hawker centre or food courts in shopping centres.

> Q10//
> Many japanese people, whom you never met,
> maybe,
> is going to visit your site -just we hope they will.
> is there a message for them?

hope they will enjoy our photos in Japan
which was taken using a Casio digital camera.
we wish them having a chance to visit Singapore.

> Q11//
> By the way, what do your family say to you
> about recommending your web site in japan?

I didn't have chance to discuss with them.
but I am sure they will be delighted to know that the site is known in Japan.

> Q12//
> This is a last question.
> What is the latest your favorite site
> -except your own site?
> Please tell us?

have been very busy with work.
didn't have time to surf the net.
I like the site
pretty much for free music.