Dear Mika
I have answered some of your questions...
not in great depth but I hope well enough as a start.

Best wishes

Why did you start this site?

To reach a particular market and make them aware of our product

What country's people do visit your spa?
Since you were established this site,
have you met guests who comes from so far

We get about 60% Americans,
30% Europeans and 10% Caribbean people.
We have had visitors from Australia and New Zealand, HAwaii, Iceland, Finland, Taiwan

Your spa has 3pools of hot springs, right?
We japanese love "ON-SEN=means hot springs in japanese" so much. and we make a habit of taking a bath with nothing on; naked.
Do you know that our habit?
By the way,
how about your spa's style?

Dominica is a newly independent nation
in the Caribbean. It is 20 years old.
It is not customary for Dominicans to bathe naked in public places although some of the country women wash their clothes in the river and while doing so may have bare breasts.
People do not generally bathe naked at our spa.
We have 3 hot mineralpools.
Two of them are in relatively private areas within the gardens at Papillote.
You might see one on our website

Hot springs has something efficacious against our body, you know.
What effects do hot springs of your spa have?

I will send an assay of the mineral content.
The general surroundings and tranquillity of the area are conducive to peaceful contemplation and relaxation. The water has a high iron content.
There is no sulfur in the water

I guess you've met many people via this site since you were established.
Are there impressive ones of them?
For example,
a person whom you can meet only on the web,
because of living so far-away country, and so on?

The web makes the entire world very accessible.

Many japanese people, whom you never met, maybe,
is going to visit your site -just we hope they will.
is there a message for them?

The internet has the potential to make the world very small and personal

Your country, Commonwealth of Dominica,
is far from our country.
I'm afraid that many Japanese aren't well
acquainted with your country.
So could you please tell us about
the attraction of "Commonwealth of Dominica"?

Dominica is exquisitely beautiful.
It has the largest undisturbed rainforest area
in the Caribbean and has many rivers and waterfalls andfriendly people.
There is extensive information available at

This is a last question.
What is the latest your favorite site
-except your own site?
Please tell us?

The Butterfly website of Jack Mikula