Dear Mika,
i've answered the questions as best as i could,
hope it's ok!!
Thanks again for choosing my site.

if you do list it, could you send
me a little gif picture saying"hello,
welcome" in Japanese, please?
So that i can put it on the first page!
わたくし が作成しました。)

merci encore et bravo pour le francais!!

>i'd like to recommend THIS superb site to our readers.

>All right, let's begin the interview via "internet".

Why did you start this "virtual farm"?

A1: Because i used to chat a lot to people all over the world,
and they all wanted to know more about me,
my way of life, about what i do.
So i made up my site, to show people a part of me,
of us, how we live,
and share a little of the beautiful place where
we are.

You have 2"farm"s both in the REAL world
and in CYBER space.
in "real", you have to care about
the weather condition or something.
On the other hand, how about one in "cyber"space?
Do you think "virtual farm" can do something,
which "real" one can't ?
if it was, what is it?

A2: The real world is always there,
it痴(*註) our real daily life.
With the cyber farm, it痴 a little bit of a dream,
something that exists, but also that i created,
i put in it a little bit of my imagination.
So the cyber and the real farm are
a sort of complement to each other,
existing happily together to make life a bit more interesting.

(*註) =it's だと思います。

i guess you've met many people via this site
since you were established.
Are there impressive ones of them?
For example, a person whom you can meet only
on the web,
because of living so far-away country, and so on?

A3: Yes, i love reading messages
from the guest book on the site,
it shows how much people appreciate the visit.
There is no one so special,
just a lot of distant strangers,
and when i read where they come from,
it is for me a way of travelling too!

By the way, what do your
"wonderful-sweet" family say to you
about recommending your web site in japan?

They were surprised:
" Japan???, why would Japanese people be
interested in our corner of the world?"

The our webmaster has been
to produce NINTENDO games,
and i have a question to your sons;
Simon,Colin and Paul.
"How do you do, guys!
May I ask you questions about TV games ?
What sort of TV games are
in fashion among your friends?
And could you tell us
what game do you like these days?"

A5: TV games?
Do you mean games shows on BBC TV?
They like watching Robot Wars, and programs like Gladiators.
Or if you mean console games,
i知(*註) afraid they have a Sony playstation,
not a Nintendo, unfortunately.. :-)
and they like Tekken 3 best.

(*註)=i'm だと思います。

Many japanese people, whom you never met,
maybe, is going to visit your site
-just we hope they will.
is there a message for them?

A6: I would just say a big "welcome"
and hope they like the photos
and want to come and visit Scotland!

This is a last question.
What is the latest your favorite site
-except your own site?
Please tell us?

A7: i love looking at the paintings
by my friend Bernard:

The interview is over.

ok, bye!

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