Vol.17 「ドット・アイ・エスの人びと」

Asdis & Olof's Homepage


Hello Mica

> i was born in 1971. you too?
> we are same age, aren't we??!
> so i do feel an affinity to you :-)
I was born in 1972,
so I'll be 29 years old in september.
But my fiancee was born in 1971.

> All right, let's begin the interview via "internet".
> Ready?

> Q1//
> first of all, at your site,
> i understand that you & your "so cute :D" daughter > Olof Svala and your family enjoy your daily life.
> well,
> what is the happiest happening of your family
> in these days ?
What we're most enjoying and looking forwards to right now is that I am pregnant and will be having another baby in August! My daughter is very
excited about this, as are my fiancee and I.

> Q2//
> in Japan,
> the film "dancer in the dark ; starring Bjork"
> has achieved great popularity in recent days.
> probably she is from Iceland ?
yes, she's Icelandic.

> by the way, your hobby is "listening music", right?
Yes, that's my main "hobby". I collect CD's and LP's with my favourite groups and singers.

> in Iceland, what kind of music is popular ?
> (in japan, the taste of music has become
> diversified in these days.
> but last year,
> a teenage-girl singer got a best "3millions"
> seller. in passing, her music is R&B taste.)
There are all kinds of music popular here right now but I can't really say that I know much about what's popular.
I just know what I like :-)
I think the dance music of today is mostly what's on the charts every week.

> Q3//
> the whitepaper of the ministry of posts and
> telecommuniction in Japan
> (
> said that Iceland lead the world in the number of
> internet in use.
> the number is over twice of our country,
> you know.

> do you think that internet is useful for your daily > life?
Yes, I have used the internet almost daily for 8 1/2 years, I have many many friends, mostly from Europe and America, that I contact with email
I have bought books, CDs and LPs over the internet,
I get constant advice and conversation on raising children through the internet.
That's how I find it most helpful.

> and how do you use mainly internet ;
> e-mail only? or net surfing, and...??
Mostly e-mail, but there are a couple of websites that I visit every day or a couple of times a week. There was a time, when I first was introduced to
the internet, that I spent hours each day for a few years playing a game called MUD.

> Q4//
> both Iceland and Japan are island countries,
> you know.
> unfortunately japanese people hardly know
> your country.
> but we might have something in common;
> as islanders.
> please introduce your country to japanese people.
My country is quite spectacular in many ways.
We have a lot of beautiful glaciers and a few active volcanoes. One of the nature treasures I like the
most here are the beautiful waterfalls. Reykjavik, the capital city, is a very modern city which I really like, but I live in Kopavogur, just outside
Reykjavik. You can find all kinds of industries and companies within the Reykjavik area. You don't have to drive for long to get to the country side, where there aren't many people living. There are quite a few towns and villages all along the Icelandic coast where most people make a living
from fishing or processing fish. The bigger the town or village is, the more likely it is to have a variety of jobs for the inhabitants.
Iceland is a great country to raise children.
It's quite safe, compared to Europe and America, and is getting more family-friendly than it was some time ago.
I wouldn't have wanted to be born anywhere else and I love living here, but I also love going on vacations to the Mediterranean area in the summers.

> Q5//
> i guess you've met many people via this site
> since you were established.
> Are there impressive ones of them?
> For example, a person whom you can meet only
> on the web,
> because of living so far-away country, and so on?
I haven't had a lot of "outside" traffic to my website. Most visits are from my friends who like to see pictures of me and my daughter. I haven't
updated the site for a while but it certainly is time to do so very soon.

> Q6//
> flashing upon me ;-)
> well,
> what menu was your yesterday's dinner ?
Pasta "tagliatelle" with cream-cheese sauce, mushrooms and ham, some garlic bread
and "Sprite" to drink with it.

> Q7//
> Many japanese people, whom you never met,
> maybe,
> is going to visit your site -just we hope they will.
> is there a message for them?
I hope you will like my web site. I will update with some new photos very soon and hope you'll come back every now and then to see more of us.

> Q8//
> What is the latest your favorite site
> -except your own site?
> Please tell us?
My favourite site to visit every day is
This is a website about conception, pregnancy and birth,
and it is a part of the ring which my good friends, Nancy Price and Betsy Gartrell own.
They are friends that I met through e-mail in 1995-1996.

> Finally,
> thank you for your joining our site's project,
> and your cooperation.
Thank you for taking an interest in my web site.
I'm honoured! :-)

> Well,
> i finish a work as a interviewer, right now.
> Am i a good interviewer for you?
> i'm awfully sorry that my english is not enough...
Well, this is technically my first interview
so I have nothing to compare you too :-)
I think you did quite well!

Take care,