Dear Mika,

We answer for the questions.

>Dearest Laure et Sylvain,
>i'm very happy to say " salut :-)" to you again.
>well, as you know,
>Japanese people(especially, young women)
>like "brand-mono",
>means "big-name brand products", very well.
>Louis Vuitton, Hermes, recently, Gucci, Prada,
>that is Itarian brand, are popular among them.
>of course, their products must be high-quality
>and fashionable.
>but, brand-lovers in Japan have a tendency
>to devote their attention
>not to "quarity" but to "brand name"...
>i like "original-creavite" things basically.
>the only one, made only for me...
>i would like to show our readers to
>"the magnificence of handicraft"
>through your atelier and your site; of course,

>By the way, we become aware that we can see lots of things in the "wider" world by using INTERNET.
>i hope that readers of our site will also enjoy this site.
>i'd like to recommend THIS site to our readers.
>All right, let's begin the interview via "internet".

>first of all,
>Why did you start this site?

Answer: Our site has 1 year.

>why do you select "internet" as a way of selling your products?

Answer: We live in a little village,
and we thought that a site was good to sell all in the world.

>is there any MERITS of "selling products online" like this?
>On the other hands, how about its DEMERITS?

Answer: It is difficult to sell on internet.
It is necessary to have money and the time to animate, change often the site.
The big brands(with the bags) have a site just for advertising, after they have the shops,
the advertising in the magazines.
It is difficult to exist next to to the big brands.

>How many artisans are there at your atelier?

Answer: We are 4 in the workshop.

>could you please tell us about them
>(artisans of your atelier),
>if it's all right with you?

Answer: Every aritisans make the bags at the biginning until the end.
It is not like industry.
We are a good team, and every people like this work.
The conditions of work are not hard: a little team,
make something of concret, friendly relationship.

>what is "selling points" of your bags?

Answer: The "selling points" :
creative bags, limitted series, to dare be different of the other people and not a fasion victim.
Now, all in the world the womens semmes with the same taste and it is good to be unic.

>What is the reason that you make
>"4-limited model"?
>and, hereafter, is there a possibility of adding
>new model?

Answer: It is an economic reason. also for the copie.
We work with around 50 shops in the world
and they can have all the models.
The site is not concurrency.

>what are you feel "pleasure" as an artisan?

Answer: We are happy to make creative bas and a work of high quality.
Perhaps we will be the last artisans in this
speciality... this economic system.
We are happy to make a bag for you,
to know the taste the customer.

>could you introduce the place where you live to us?
>what can you see out of windows?

Answer: We live in the south of France, in this country, in the small hills.
Now it is the spring and out the windows,
I see many cherry in flowers, it is very beautiful,
the Sun is shinnng.
If you come in France, you are welcome.

>i guess you've met many people via this site since you were established.
>Are there impressive ones of them?
>For example, a person whom you can meet only on the web,
>because of living so far-away country, and so on?

Answer: Now, until 2 months the site is good to exchange ideas.
some designers of leather bags tell they like;
some young people ask to learn the work,
some old friends give a sign of friendship.
it is funny to see the different interests and to have a connection with the world , with you.

>Many japanese people, whom you never met, maybe,
>is going to visit your site -just we hope they will.
>is there a message for them?

Answer: "We tell to Japanese people":
dare to wear a exclusive bag "Mulliez"
and trust the quality.

>What is the latest your favorite site
>-except your own site?
>Please tell us?

Answer: We have not a favorite site.
We look for the sites of music, art, poetry, theater, for our hobbies.

We hope that you will be happy with your new satchel "Mulliez".
good luck with your site.

Bon week end,
A bientot.

best regards,

Laure et Sylvain Mulliez

>The interview is over.
>thank you for your joining our site's project,
>and your cooperation.
>We hope that this is a opportunity to create a friendship
>between your site and our readers.
>i finish a work as a interviewer, right now.
>Am i a good interviewer for you?
>i'm awfully sorry that my english is not enough... ...
>and i also wish i could speak French well...
>Thank you for your time.
>i'm just ready for arrival of my bag !!
>Bon week-end.