Vol.14 「熱烈歓迎!」

Name The

Dear participant,

Greetings on the first day of spring!
This is our final message --
please read it and forward it to others.

It is with great anticipation that we announce the new name for the decade, democratically chosen by over 100,000 participants like you.
An apocalyptic crisis has been narrowly averted. Finally, the world knows what to call the decade that is upon us:

the Eighties... the Nineties... the Naughties!

Now comes the final (and most crucial) stage of naming the new decade:
convincing everyone on the planet to use the name. The world has survived the "Y2K bug," but we still face the potential horror of ten years of ambiguity and confusion when referring to our new decade.
That is, unless we all use a common name:
the Naughties.

You've done a great service to humankind already with your vote or suggestion. Our final plea: please help us further by faithfully using "the Naughties" in your daily speech, and encouraging everyone you
know to do so. Here are some examples of the new decade name in action:

- "We expect retro fashions from the Eighties to
reappear in the Naughties."
- "This Nineties music all sounds the same.
I can't wait to hear the fresh sounds of
the Naughties."
- "She will be graduating in '03 (naught-three or

Please forward this message to everyone you know -- friends, family, the clergy, pets, etc.
With your help, soon everyone will use this name. Only you can make the Naughties a reality!

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we've deleted your name from our records.


Alan, Sanjay, & Ali

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