>All right, let's begin the interview via "internet".
>is it able to eat the your GIANT PAMPKINS ?
>How about the taste? nice, or not?
>Of course you raise THEM to enter for the
>competition, not for food.

Answer : Personally, no I have not ever eaten giant pumpkins mainly because my mother cooks for me and she does not like pumplin pie! I love pumpkin pie. I have tried to get her to like it, but she is pretty stubborn.

>Q2// >i guess you've met many people via this site since
>you were established.
>Are there impressive ones of them?
>For example, a person whom you can meet only on
>the web,
>because of living so far-away country, and so on?

Answer - I like this question. I have met many people by e-mail and we have become good friends. For example, Chris Andersen from California, who grew the world's largest pumpkin (977 pounds) in 1997. He sent me some free seeds from his world champion pumpkin. I have mailed some seeds to John Seargeant in New Zealand, and I have mailed seeds to Wally Badenhorst in South Africa, and to other people. Even someone in Malaysia.

We all meet on the pumpkin newsgroup where we talk about pumpkin growing. Without joining the newsgroup anyone can view what we talk about at which is a web page.

I'm sure you know that growing giant pumpkins is now very popular in Japan.

>By the way,
>what do your "wonderful-sweet" family say to you
>about recommending your web site in japan?

Answer - No problem. Maybe I will become famous! My family thinks I'm a bit crazy for having such a hobby and spending so much time with it.

>i guess you enjoy your life well,
>to your heart's content.
>How really I envy you !
>Recently, what does attract your curiosity
>─except PUMPKINS and SKIING?

Answer - Well, I am 66 years old and I am retired. I am interested in staying healthy, so I ride my mountain bike a lot and I do running. Last year I entered a Marathon - my time was not very good, but at least I finished! I am also interested in genealogy, and I enjoy researching my family history on the internet.

>Many japanese people, whom you never met, maybe,
>is going to visit your site
>─just we hope they will.
>is there a message for them?

Answer - I believe there is no point in having a site unless it is very enjoyable or informative, otherwise people will not visit or stay very long. There are many, many pumpkin sites that are very infomative, so I have tried to make mine that is simply a fun place to visit. I like to tell people about the fun and satisfaction that I have had, and maybe some of the silly mistakes that I have made.

>This is the last question.
>What is the latest your favorite site
>─except your own site?
>Please tell us?

Answer - I did not quite understand the question. What is my most favourite pumpkin site besides my own?

My nephew Duncan McAlpine would give me heck if did not mention his. It is at and has nice music on it.

There's also a nice one at

and another one that specializes in Halloween at

For growing and decorating gourds, a very nice site is

>And we have a favor to ask of you, one more thing.
>Will you permit us to translate
>your "Pumpkin Diary"
>from the English into Japanese?
>if you said "OK" :-),

Answer - No proplem at all. I would be delighted, and I think my nephew Duncan McAlpine will envy me for being so lucky. Since I am going to be famous in Japan maybe I should make my page even better. But no, I will leave it like it is

Your interview was very good an I have enjoyed it

In answer to one of your final questions,
my daughter Mari was in Japan from
January to April 1998,
and she stayed with a friend at Higashi,
but I have no idea where that is.
She helped teach English for a while, and really
enjoyed Japan. Mari sounds like a Japanese name, doesn't it?


Bill Verchere,
Ladysmith, BC Canada

Visit my Giant Pumpkin and Extreme Skiing Page at