4 Types of Hobonichi Techo Books

Hobonichi Techo Weeks

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While the Weeks is designed as a book with its own cover, there are three types of optional add-on covers in which you can store your book.

Weeks Passport Cover

This popular Weeks cover by B Jirushi Yoshida is a regular in our lineup. The 2017 edition comes in black, white, or green.

Weeks Sandwich

These covers by B Jirushi Yoshida are reminiscent of a sandwich and designed to hold a large number of writing utensils and stationary to act as a sort of portable workstation. The covers are available in black, orange, and blue. The 2017-edition cover adds a rubber band to hold the cover shut.

Weeks Zippers

The Zippers series is designed as a sort of small case or clutch. Because it can be zipped up, it can be used securely as a wallet, complete with lots of card pockets and a coin purse.