4 Types of Hobonichi Techo Books

Hobonichi Techo Weeks
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Shorthand Note-Taking (Japanese)

At the top of each notebook page is a list of abbreviations often used for shorthand note-taking.

Graph Paper

The latter half of Weeks is filled with 72 pages of 3.55 millimeter graph paper designed with a subtle vertical line that makes it easy to draw out your schedule or take notes. Page numbers are listed on each page.

Solar Terms (Japanese)

This section explains the names and origins of solar terms that make up the 24 points in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars. These include well-known days such as the start of spring and the winter solstice.

Favorite Local Japanese Sweets (Japanese)

The results of the Favorite Local Sweets poll we conducted in Japanese in February 2016 is outlined in this section as a list of the top two favorite sweets for each prefecture across Japan.

Interacting with Cats and Dogs (Japanese)

This guide offers tips on interacting with cats and dogs you may come across around town.

Emergency Preparedness (Japanese)

This page contains a checklist of items to have ready in case of an emergency. There is also a space to list nearby evacuation zones (common in Japan), emergency contact information and topics discussed between family and friends.

Useful First Aid Tips

Whether you’ve sprained your ankle, become motion-sick, or gotten a splinter or nosebleed, this simple first aid guide provides tips on caring for mild accidents that happen in everyday life.

Age Table

This table lists the year people were born, and their age in 2016 at a quick glance. The number to the left of the year is the corresponding year based on the traditional Japanese Imperial Era calendar, and to the right of their age is the character for the Chinese Zodiac.

Conversion Table (Japanese)

This chart features conversions between units of measurement for easy reference and calculation.

Useful Links (Japanese)

Useful sites for daily life. Also contains a link to a list of Japanese articles the quotes are selected from.

Contact Book

The address book allows you to write in the contact information for up to 6 people – especially useful if you ever forget your cell phone.

Personal Notes

Be sure to enter your contact information on the Personal Notes page in the back of your planner in case it's misplaced. Please be careful not to include information that you don't want others to know.